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Prednisone is prescribed for the treatment of low corticosteroid levels as well as for the treatment of certain conditions in patients with normal corticosteroid levels. Your doctor must know your full medical history before being able to prescribe propranolol. Make sure you tell your health care provider about any of the following health conditions you have ever been diagnosed with: tuberculosis, liver, kidney, intestinal, heart, or thyroid disease, high blood pressure, threadworms, ulcers, myasthenia gravis, diabetes, mental illness, eye infection, seizures, or osteoporosis. Taking any medicines together with prednisone, unless otherwise recommended by your doctor, is not recommended. Make sure you report to your health care provider any of the medications you are taking at the moment to avoid drug interactions. It may take your body some time to adjust to the dosage prescribed by your doctor. That is why at first some side effects can appear - but they will probably go away pretty soon if you carry on with the treatment as recommended. The side effects described above can include any of the following ones: extreme tiredness, mood swings, weak muscles, acne, irregular menstrual periods, dizziness, decreased sexual desire, fragile skin, increased hair growth, increased sweating, headache, heartburn, or insomnia.

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